Patch 10.14.1 installed

29 March 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance is over, game servers are online! We rebalanced Hellblade, fixed bugs after the patch 10.14.



Passive characteristics and ultimate ability enforced. Strength growth increased.


Hellblade caused many debates – from the very beginning the Hero seemed too weak. Despite the rather impressive damage of basic abilities, it is difficult for the Hero to realize his potential. Therefore, passive abilities given by each stance have been strengthened, and the Strength growth has been increased. In addition, Hellblade’s ultimate ability, on which an impressive part of its effectiveness depends, now lasts longer and recharges faster. Also several bugs with stances have been fixed.

  • Strength growth increased by ~18%

Chaos Blades

  • amount of restored Health increased by 50%

Swift Assault

  • passive bonus to the Agility received from Crushing Blows increased by 15%

Battle Blades

  • passive bonus to the attack damage received from Deadly Edges increased by 15%

Increased defense:

  • increased passive Stamina and Will by 15% (whichever is greater) received from Crushing Blows
  • movement speed on Native Terrain increased from 30% to 50%

Demonic Power

  • time of action increased from 7 to 10 seconds
  • time of the recovery decreased from 120 to 100 seconds

Bugs fixed:

  • it is not possible to be in two stances at the same time
  • fixed Swift Assault stance bugs when the Hero hasn’t moved to the attack target instead of distance attack


  • Talent Forest Wrath does not cause immediate deaths of the target when the damage is dealt one moment before death of the talent owner
  • Account authorization in e-mail is working correctly now

Your Prime World Team