24 March 2017

The crowd was shouting.

Look, they are taking the cursed one!
He did something bad; he is the murderer, the Lord was right to execute this rascal!
Sticky tomato pulp flew down the dirty rags of the condemned man. The man shuddered; he had no time to reconcile to his lot.

Someone whistled and a hail of "shells" flew into the condemned man. Rotten tomatoes, addle eggs, shreds — everything the citizens had in the pockets.

One of the guards stumbled, while lifting the condemned man to the scaffold, and felt how cold it was deep inside. The Executioner was watching him through the slits of the horn mask. There was nothing in his eyes — neither superiority nor mockery — nothing you can see in the eyes of the person who was ready to kill somebody. He was completely indifferent — and there was something absolutely inhuman in this indifference.

The Executioner unceremoniously grabbed the prisoner by his dirty neck and threw him on the knees.
Oh, are you really a noble one? The whimsical play of shadows made his mask look grotesque and terrifying.

The Lord was watching the execution from the balcony. The whole appearance of Executioner confirmed rumors that his mother was a Heroine — Conjuress.


— Give me the prime! — Demonologist held out his hand to the Executioner, who was lying on the ground. — Give back what you have stolen! Or you will die here like a plague rat.

The Executioner grinned — he knew they won’t leave him alive. Not after he had taken advantage of the situation and stolen Prime from the Castle.

— Come on! — The prime-whip cut the Executioner’s mask. Even though he was a Hero who lost most of his emotions, Demonologist deliberately tried not to hurt Executioner’s face, he wanted to see what was under the mask.

Solid horny plates, firmly welded into a mask, were broken. The face was deeply cut. The Executioner has not even flinched when his face was dissolving in Prime call.

A tiny trampled platform on the edge of the volcano crater, where the Hero caught him, was shaking… The Executioner has not seen the Demonologist.

— No… Lucia, sister…

Prime-whip swept over the Executor's throat and rose him on the level with Demonologist.
— Look at her! She has finally agreed.

The hero was examining the man's face with greedy disgust.

— A half-blood son. His mother is a Heroine and his father is a summoned demon. The fruit of stupidity, lust and death. How symbolic!

Demonologist jerked his hand, throwing the man away from him.

A bottle with Prime has broken and turquoise streams rushed to the volcano.

The fear of losing the last Prime drops made the man act. He started lapping Prime. His larynx and stomach ware burning. He started coughing and spluttering… — Almost there... A little bit more… — The only thoughts he had in his head.


He tried to open his eyes… But could do it only with the help of the fingers. He couldn’t see the sky — the clouds of soot and dust were covering the volcano…. He felt something cold under his left hand. His blades remained with him even after... Death? The son of the Heroine and Demon, the former Executioner, cruel and unprincipled, hungry for Prime — he became a Hero. Hellblade was named in honor of that half of the blood that he got from his father.