An expedition to the Dark Temple

15 March 2017

Lord and Ladies!

According to the lunar calendar, the time has come when the edge between the worlds becomes hidden.

The thinnest part is around the old and unknown temple, which is famous for the Dark Angel that has come from the depth of the earth. There are many abruptions around the temple where the creatures from the dark worlds may appear.

The victories can glue up the abruptions better than anything else. But even when the abruptions are glued up, they still may surprise you.

An expedition to the Dark Temple

Help the priests to glue up the abruptions between the worlds and receive a legendary set “Deathtouch” as a reward!


From 15:00 UTC March 15, there will be a quest “An expedition to the Dark Temple” in your Castles. If you are ready to struggle for the legendary talent set, start today!

The only thing you have to do is to win 75 times in Borderlands. The task is not easy but the reward — legendary set “Deathtouch” — is worse trying!

Moreover, you will have ONE month — till 15:00 UTC April 15 — to complete it!

!Attention! If you change the language, your quest progress will be reset and you won’t receive the new one!

Win and receive a legendary set!

Your Prime World Team