From the depth of the Volcano

13 March 2017

Lords und Ladies!

Foggy traces are artful in their inconstancy. The one that was leading to the Castle of the neighboring lordship yesterday is taking deep to Praymzona today. The one that was conducting to hot Sik'khaya, is taking to the places abandoned after the first Cataclysm.

A young hunter understood everything like nobody else. However, thirst of adrenaline and glory forced him to move forward. In spite of the fact that his collection of monsters is one of the biggest in Egizar, and he receives orders even from the capital, he does not plan to stop. He wanted to become the best of the best, the most famous hunter in Praia.

It took him longer than he expected. It was getting hotter and hotter, the scarlet light was appearing through the turquoise Fog from time to time, the strange smell was spreading all over. Red-hot “snakes” were slowly and inevitably slithering on the ground hardly covered with Fog. The hunter understood he was approaching a volcano crater.

Suddenly the rumble divided the quietness of the Fog. An incredibly bright flash followed. The flash cleared the sky and the Fog.

On the edge of the crater there was a man. Or… Was it a man?

Almost blind hunter, who was proud of his endurance, rooted to the ground at first and then almost rushed away.

The man was staying still without noticing an unexpected observer. He was dipping his sward blades into pouring lava.


From the depth of the volcano, where it smells like sulfur a new Hero is rushing to Praia. He is clearing his path with the help of his shining blades encrusted with ancient runes. He is unusual, very frightening and strange. He never puts away his blades.

We offer you to guess what part of the appearance frightened the young hunter the most. He has never seen the thing like this before. Probably only one Hero had something similar… One detail was the most frightening. It was impossible not to look at the Hero – he was appealing and repelling at the same time.

The first 5 Lords and Ladies who guess the unusual feature or detail in the appearance of the Hero will receive him for free as soon as he comes o Praia.

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Off we go!

Your Prime World Team