In honor of our Ladies!

07 March 2017

Beautiful Ladies and Lords!

Spring has come! The faces expand in smiles, the hearts are singing together with the first birds. We congratulate our comrades on the International Women’s Day.

Legendary decisiveness!

The first present for all our players who celebrate the 8th of March we have prepared a special gift — Decisive Charge! One small drop of decisiveness is important for any Heroine’s character and build.

Decisive Charge

  • Tier: IV;
  • Prime-cost: 825;
  • Cooldown: 150 seconds;
  • Health +150;
  • The hero moves to the selected location;
  • Decisive Charge can be upgraded with three talents from the Decisive Charge set.

Become more decisive with your new comrades!

Festive outrage!

During the holidays outrage Demoness will be ready to join your Heroes only for their battles and feats!

Complete the quest chain “Feats for beautiful Ladies” before 9:00 UTC March 13th, gather 3,000 points and receive an outrage skin Demoness as a reward!



Original Hero: Witch / Moira
Features: new voiceover

*To receive this skin you have to hire the original Hero first.

Festive legends

Rewards for daily quests have also grown up! Fulfill each daily quest till March 13th and receive 2 precious legendary crystals instead of one!

Collect first legendary “flowers”!

Spring smiles

We have also prepared a very special quest chain for all Lords and especially Ladies. You will receive a legendary talent Spirit of Swiftness after finishing one of the parts of the festive quest chain.

Spirit of Swiftness

  • Required grade: III;
  • Prime cost to learn: 675;
  • Increases the hero’s base Speed by 5. On Enemy or Neutral Terrain, the hero’s base Speed is additionally increased by 5. When multiple passive Speed-boosting effects are applied, only the largest remains active.
  • Increases Energy Regeneration by 2.5.

The quest chain will be available from 9:00 UTC March 7th till 9:00 UTC March 13th.


Raise 5 flags in Borderlands

15 Prime crystals


Gather 25000 Prime in Borderlands

3 random exclusive talents from the Awakening set

  Kill 150 soldiers 3 legendary crystals
  Kill 3 Fire Drakes or Kittons in Borderlands Spirit of Swiftness
  Deal 30,000 damage 3 white runes
  2 victories in Borderlands 2 random legendary talents

Congratulate your Heroines with bright presents!

Your Prime World Team