Defender fest in Praia!

23 February 2017

Valiant Lords and Ladies!

Today Praia celebrates the Defender of the Fatherland Day! We congratulate all men and we are proud of your braveness, power and fearlessness. Please stay just, honest and courageous!

You and your Heroes protect the Fatherland of Praia by raising flags and killing enemies every day. Today we announce 4 days of celebration!

Legendary protection

Each player who enter the Castle from 9:00 (UTC) 23 February till 9:00 27 February will receive one legendary talent “Inherited Talisman” from the third set!

Inherited Talisman

  • Required grade: II;
  • Prime cost to learn: 500;
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds (Passive);
  • The hero receives a shield for 5 seconds that absorbs up to 300 damage, if the damage dealt by an enemy hero or summoned creature exceeds 15% of current Health;
  • Can be upgraded with three talents from the Inherited Talisman set.

Empower your Heroes with legendary protection!

Festive rates

From 09:00 on February 23nd till 09:00 on February 27th (UTC), your Heroes get increased rewards for each PvP-battle, gaining two times more Resources, Talents, and Experience.

Praia protection

Complete quests till 9:00 UTC February 27th and win valuable prizes, including Golden Age!


Gather 25000 Prime in Borderlands

10 Prime Crystals


Raise 7 flags in Borderlands

1 day of Golden Age

  1 win in Borderlands 5 random exclusive talents from the Awakening set
  Kill 3 Fire Drakes or Kittons in Borderlands 3 white runes
  Earn 350 achievement points in Borderlands 3 legendary Crystals


Legendary Kh’Armin soldier

Legendary Kh’Armin soldiers are ready to serve their Lords and Ladies! There is a special quest “Valour and Honour” in your Castles. Finish the quest, win 23 times an hire legendary Praia defender for free!


Dragomir / Hartwig

Hero: Da’Ka / Ha’Ka
Features: new voiceover



Celebrate Defender days together in Praia!

Your Prime World Team