Seasons. Soon in Prime World

16 February 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Today we will announce Seasons that influence on the rating system and will be installed in the next patch.

Rating Seasons

What is a Season and how does it differ from normal ladder? A Season is a period of time when a player can increase his rating as usual. The most interesting part is when the Seasons change. In the beginning of the next Season Heroes’ rating will be changed. The Heroes will start playing in different leagues. The higher the Hero’s level is in the end of the Season, the lower the level in the next season is. Corporals for example will start a new Season with 1401. Lieutenants will start with Captains. Of course, there will be a special sign of the maximum rating in the player’s profile. Each Season will last for about three months.


We will add five Rating Leagues to the ranks we have now:

  • Bronze League: Privates and lower, the rating will not be reduced
  • Silver League: Corporals and Sergeants
  • Gold League: Lieutenants and Captains
  • Platinum League: Majors and Lieutenants
  • Diamond League: Colonels and higher


In the end of each Season, a player will receive a reward that will show the prestige of the achievement. The reward will be given both to a Hero, who reached a certain League, and to a player for the total achievements. For example, if a player reached Platinum League by one of his Heroes during the whole Season, he will receive a unique seasonal skin.

The reward will be divided into two categories:

  • Reward for reaching a certain League by one of the Heroes

The higher the League the cooler is the frame. The frames will be shown everywhere both in the Battle and in the Castle.

  • Reward for reaching a certain player League

You will earn a unique skin if at least one of your Heroes has Major rank or higher. The first seasonal skin is for Blade Master. The players will receive it in the beginning of the first season.


How will the Seasons change the game?

1. It will be easier to come back in the game.

Now the rating can decrease automatically only if the player has not played rating games for a long period. Players who sometimes enter the game have the same rating all the time, because they do not allow the system to decrease their rating. After launching the Leagues and Seasons, this problem will be solved.

2. It will be necessary to level up each season.

Some players have achieved high results on some Heroes and switched to others. The builds of those Heroes become older and older and the players feel disappointed because of the rating and build mismatch. The Seasons will lower the rating of those Heroes.

3. The ranks will be mixed from time to time.

The Heroes with the highest ranks are a bit isolated from the other players who want to achieve the top ranks. Thus, the rating downfall in the Diamond League will be the highest. The players form the Platinum Leagues should not worry though, because first of all, they will be able to play with the best of the best and moreover the maximum rating in the beginning of the Season will play a very important role.


The Seasons will be launched in the beginning of spring. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate commenting!

Yours Prime World Team