A quest chain for real researchers!

07 February 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Foggy Praia paths hold many surprises and secrets. Those daredevils who were brave enough to accept this challenge found many precious artifacts. Today our researches announced what they have found. Apparently, a lot of rare goods are in there!


From February 8, 9:00 UTC a special quest chain “Research” will appear in your Castles.

The terms of the quests are not that easy but the reward is worse trying! Those Lords and Ladies who fulfill all quests will receive Prime crystals, legendary crystals, and precious legendary talents. Attention! These legendary talents are unique, it is impossible to get them neither in the Talentforge / Talent Garden nor in the Fair!

Moreover, you can fulfill the quest chain at once. A new quest will open as soon as you finish the previous one.


Kill 200 soldiers  

Forged in Cruelty + 3 Prime crystals


Gather 75,000 Prime

Frozen Vengeance + 5 Prime crystals

  Deal 80,000 damage Colossal Potential + 3 legendary crystals
  Earn 500 points Spirit of Swiftness + 5 legendary crystals

5 wins in Borderlands

Habitual Victor + 7 legendary crystals

Fulfill the quest chain before 9:00 UTC February 13th and receive the rarest legendary talents!

Do not miss your chance to fill your Library!

Your Prime World Team