Patch 10.13.1

02 February 2017

Lords und Ladies!

Our technical work has been completed, and the game servers are now online. Our intermediate update 10.13.1 resolves some problems that arose after the last update and further balances the hero Raven.



Reduced ability damage boost provided by stats. Increased Energy costs.


As the week since the last update has shown, Raven’s potential for dominating the mid-game was reduced – but not enough. In nearly all cases, the new balance just delayed her usual “overfarming” for a few minutes. In other cases at high ranks, the new balance led to foresters/gankers always helping Raven with her early farming, boosting her power to its pre-update level. Pumping Prime into one character is an acceptable strategy in the game, but not when it becomes the battle’s only deciding factor.

We decided to reduce Raven’s ability to inflict instant damage. This will reduce the rate at which Raven’s strength snowballs and weaken the usefulness of pumping the team’s Prime into her. Also, Raven’s new greater dependence on Energy forces her to either use her abilities less often or put more talents towards Energy regen, which slows down her early game a bit more.

Warm Welcome

  • Ability damage growth decreased by 12.5%.

On Fiery Wings

  • Energy cost for this talent increased by 70%.


  • Ability damage growth decreased by 12.5%.
  • Energy cost for this talent increased by 10%.

Fiery Curse

  • Damage growth for this ability and its upgrade Emanative Flame decreased by 12.5%.


  • Ability damage growth decreased by 12.5%.
  • Time to cast increased from 3 to 4 seconds.
  • The number of sparks released has been increased, but the damage per spark has been reduced proportionally so that the total damage remains the same.
  • Energy cost for this talent increased by 45%.



  • Rare talents now no longer drop in battles at all. Previously they still dropped in certain cases.
  • The effects of Raven’s attacks are no longer visible through the fog of war.
  • Doctrine’s Alchemical Circles no longer disappear when creating a clone.

Your Prime World Team