Red Dragon over the Praia Sky!

26 January 2017

Dear friends!

Praia citizens have just experience an unusual act of nature or maybe the frosty weather. A red hot, wingless and long-tailed Dragon that looked like a huge snake flew across the sky over the Praia landscapes. After his flight people started forgetting worldly concerns and their hearts felt up with love and patience.

That is not all! This unusual Dragon was throwing precious dragon artifacts and pieces of his scale. When people collected them it turned out these pieces were perfect legendary crystals! It is time to collect them, Lords and Ladies!

Dragon Gifts

From 11:00 (UTC) 26 January a new quest chain “Dragon Way” is available in your Castles. Fulfill the objectives till 09:00 (UTC) on February 2nd and get legendary talents as the reward!

Attention! You do not have to wait for another objective; it will open as soon as you fulfill the previous one.


Gather 75000 Prime in Borderlands

Power of the Dragon + 1 legendary crystal



Kill 50 Touched in Borderlands

Agility of the Dragon + 2 legendary crystals

  Earn 250 points in Borderlands Cunning of the Dragon   + 3 legendary crystals
  Kill 150 Soldiers in Borderlands Dragon Onslaught + 4 legendary crystals
  3 wins in Borderlands Embodiment of the Dragon + 5 legendary crystals

Follow the Red Dragon and become immortal!

Yours Prime World Team