A New Golden Age Offer!

13 January 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Jump in the New Year with a new cheaper round of Golden Age!

For the following three days, till 09:00 (UTC) on January 16, buy Golden Age with a 30% Discount, or find a very special Jackpot in the Fair!

Major Discounts on Golden Age in Gold!


From 09:00 on January 13 till 09:00 January 16th (UTC) get a 30% discount on Golden Age:

  • 3 days of Golden Age for 29 Gold instead of 49
  • 7 days of Golden Age for 69 Gold instead of 99
  • 30 days of Golden Age for 209 Gold instead of 299

Golden Age for Prime Crystals

But it is only a part of the story! For the first time in the project`s history, you are able to buy the Golden Age not only for Gold, but also for Prime Crystals.


From 09:00 on January 13th till 09:00 January 16th (UTC) find a special Jackpot in the Fair: "30 days of Golden age for 400 Prime Crystals".

We wish you prosperity and glorious victories!

Your Prime World Team