A Profitable Weekend!

30 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

New Year is coming! We are glad to announce festive bonuses from the merchants. The have prepared great gifts for all Lords and Ladies!

Bonuses for filling up the account!


From 09:00 (UTC) on December 30 till 09:00 on January 4 — fill up your treasury with more profit and get 30% more Gold!

!Attention! Bonuses will be added with a delay. If you fill up the account on Steam you will get your bonus on January 5th.

New Year Fair!

Among all good at the Fair, there are a lot of new legendary talents. The chances to find them were doubled!


From 09:00 (UTC) on December 30 till 09:00 on January 4

  • 2x more chances to get the fourth legendary set of talents!
  • Assortment renewal costs 2 times cheaper!
  • The purchased fields remain forever!


  • Some smaller offers were temporarily removed from the fair. A new offer “24 Prime Crystals for 9 Gold” was added instead. The reason is not to overload the payment server with a lot of smaller transactions.
  • Jackpot chance has been decreased by 50%. This measure was taken to compensate to compensate the unlimited assortment renewal.

Make a profitable weekend, dear Lords and Ladies!

Your Prime World Team