New Year Holidays are coming to Praia!

29 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Have you already bought the Christmas Tree? Are your Heroes ready to throw the snowballs at each other? Great! There is not so much time left until the Winter Holidays. Time has come to unpack the gifts!

Golden Age as a Gift!

All Lords and Ladies who will visit their Castles in the following days, will receive 3 days of Golden Age as the reward!

!Attention! The new year presents will not wait you forever — be sure to get the Golden Age till 09:00 (UTC) on January 9th.

Doubled Rewards!

Festive mood has also absorbed not only the Heroes and the Castle but the whole Prime zone!


From 09:00 (UTC) December 29th till 09:00 January 9th your Heroes will receive:

  • 2 times more resources and experience for PvP battle
  • 4 times more resources and experience with active Golden Age
  • 2 times more talents for PvP battle

New Festive Daily Quests!

Snowmaiden enjoys decorating the Christmas Trees so much that she has also decided to work on the daily quests.


Till 09:00 (UTC) January 9th you will receive random legendary talents from three sets: “Birth of the Legend”, “Legendmakers”, “Legendary Heritage”!

You may receive all the 11 legendary talents after completing all the quests!

Fairy Lights

Till 09:00 (UTC) January 9th a special New Year Quest chain will be available in your Castles. The chain consists of eight stages; each of them opens after you fulfill the previous one.



Kill 150 enemy soldiers in Borderlands
7 Prime Crystals
Get 75,000 Prime in Borderlands
Exclusive talent "Taste of Life"
Deal 75,000 damage in Borderlands
3 red Crystals
Provide 15 assists in Borderlands
12 Prime Crystals
Destroy 14 flags in Borderlands
1 random legendary talent
Get 450 achievement points
3 White Runes
Kill the Kitton/Fire Drake 9 times
2 random legendary talents
3 wins in Borderlands
3 random legendary talents

Don't miss the holiday mood and have a great time with your favorite Heroes!

Your Prime World Team