The Maintenance is over

27 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The game servers are up again, and Heroes are ready to rush into the field of battle!

S. Putnik Returns!

The main problem we wanted to solve in this little hotfix is curing the S. Putnik and his Comrade in Arms.
After the update 10.12.1, this Hero was a reason for occasional crashes in the game session, so we decided to temporary remove him from the Hero list. The cured S. Putnik and his Comrade are back again!

! Attention !

  • If you have re-assigned Sputniks talents to other Heroes, they will not be returned.
  • Sold talents will not be returned too.
  • In both cases S.Putniks build will remain incomplete.
  • It is also possible, that talents re-assigned from S. Putnik are displayed on two heroes at the same time. There is nothing to worry about here! Reentering your Castle will solve all related graphical issues.

Raven Adjustments

Even though we have been working mainly on fixing technical issues this time, we still have our eye on the field of battle.Ravens passive ability allows her to quickly farm the line and the jungle on earlier game stages.

The new Heroine has been fighting for 4 days, and we have already drawn first conclusions about her.


Raven can be compared with a sharp razor made of glass. She deals a lot of damage but can be easily killed as well. However, the current power of Warm Welcome allows Raven to get too much Prime in a passive mode. Along with that, the damage of the “Emanative Flame” is too small to be efficient in most of the game situations. We have adjusted it a little bit too.


Warm Welcome

  • Damage reduced by 20%
  • Mark activation distance increased more than by 1,5.

Fiery Curse

  • “Emanative Flame” damage over time effect is increased ~23%


To compensate the inconvenience during the technical issues, we reward all the players with 1 day of Golden Age -as usual, you can activate it anytime you want by giving away 1 point of food.

We hope those problems did not affect your holiday mood!

Thank you for your patience!

Yours Prime World Team