New Offer in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden

24 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

New Year magic is coming to Praia. The battlefields are covered with snow, and Heroes are throwing snowballs at each other. The new hero Raven will soon unleash her unbelievable power, and the old Frostling is planting the Christmas trees along the roads of the Borderlands.

Talents for your Heroes!

The blacksmiths say that a very special hoarfrost has covered the prime crystals, causing changes in their magical nature!


For three days, from 09:00 (UTC) on December 23d till 17:00 on December 26th:

  • Produce 2x more talents for 1 Prime Crystal
  • Get 2х more chances to produce exclusive talents

Lets decorate the libraries!

Your Prime World Team