23 December 2016

An old forester went back home after his daily rounds. Suddenly, he heard a loud raven caw coming from his wooden hut.

"You are making a mess of my house once again, you nasty bird?" - the forester thought tiredly.

A weird scene was enacted in the foresters hut. His favorite raven, an old comrade in arms, has suddenly disappeared. Only a few feathers were still lying on the wooden floor. He ran out of the postern door and saw a Demonologist and his unholy servants, holding the net with the cached bird.

    The old forester tried to pursue the kidnappers, but his legs refused to move, and he lost the sight of the invaders. The old man was wandering through the forest for the whole night, but didn't manage to find any trail.


It was hard to tell how much time the old man spent in the dense forest. «This is it. An old forester is dying in the woods, lonely and forgotten. Even the best friend has left him…» — thought he for a moment. With his back against a large evergreen tree, the old man was waiting for the death to come. But iе did not. A weird warm feeling started to flow through his body. The forester looked around and saw something unusual: a bright turquoise liquid was running down the tree, filling its branches and leaves. For a moment he lost his consciousness, and turned into the pure stream of energy.

The forester died to be revived as a hero. And Raven… He has escaped from the demonologist`s net without problems. After a couple of hours, he suddenly saw a pillar of turquoise light in the middle of the forest and flew right to it. The Raven landed on the foresters shoulder, and his black feathers turned white affected by the inflow of Prime.


Up to now people are telling legends about an old man who doesn't fear cold and commands trees in the frozen woods. No matter how happy the new year in Praia is, you shouldn't trust the old men with ravens on their shoulders.




Original Hero: Witch Doctor / Woodsman
Features: new voice, new look for trees
Price: 29 gold