Love and hatred

23 December 2016

Part one.

If you want to live like humans, I will take away your wings
If you want to think like humans, I will give you the anger
If you want to love like humans, you will never love me

Flodmin outskirts. 8 hours after the Falling

People were desperately running away from Flodmin. Fat merchants, hobos, aristocrats —all of them were heading to the Foggy Passage that led to the city Fichter. Special punitive squad commander named Deerslayer understood the feelings of those people. Not everyone is accustomed to look in the death` eyes.

“The place is too crowded, we can not ride horses anymore”, shouted the wolf rider named Mowgli, “Captain, we need to change to wolfs”.
“How many do we have?”
“ Four tamed wolfs, including mine.”
“Ok. Prepare the animals and then we ride across the road” said the Deerslayer, “Linda, George, you are coming with us. We shouldn't waste our time.”


Flodmin was lying in ruins. This large port city was fully engulfed in a massive fire. Deerslayer didn't wanted to think about those people who didn't manage to leave the town in time.

“Where do we start, commander?” — asked Linda.
“Let's visit the Greengrass castle” answered the Deerslayer. Witnesses report that the incident took place there.

The Castle was lying in ruins. The two of three towers collapsed, all the windows were broken into the small shards. For some reason, the fog started thickening.

“Captain. The wolfs smell something. Its behind the ruins in front of us. Hundred meters.”
“To arms” ordered Deerslayer “Prepare to battle. Don't attack until my command.”
They slowly moved further. A lot of dead bodies started to appear in dense fog. Someone killed them violently, with a sadistic pleasure.

— Commander, — a tall duelist said, — just come here and see for yourself...
The fox named Rita was lying on the burned causeway. She was dead.

They moved further. A scaffold appeared in the dense fog. A famous Dokht Engineer named Mark Sherman was sitting nearby.Tears were falling down his cheeks, and he whispered tonelessly: “I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it.”


Lord Greengrass Castle. First minutes after the Falling

The earthshake stopped. The fire pillars died down. Mark was holding a detonator in his sweaty hands, looking at the scaffold through the clouds of dust.

Loud female moan suddenly broke the silence. Mark recognized Theresa's voice. Tears of relief fell down his eyes, and the weakened hand threw the detonator. Then, there were terrible screams of men and women. But Mark, sputtered in excitement, didn't see what was happening in the dust.

The fox Rita heard last screams of her squad members and immediately commanded to retreat. Only four of nine soldiers survived.

— Come over here, whoever you are! — Ritas voice started to rattle. Then, she heard a quiet female cry coming from the scaffold direction.
— Theresa! — The fox recognised her voice too, — we are not your enemies!
— You, humans… You have taken away my father…  All of you are my foes now...
The dust turned a fire blue. Theresa`s wings were burned out - she will never be able to fly again. Her scarlet lips twisted.
— I hate you, humans. I hate you with all my heart.


The Flodmin Incident was eliminated 12 hours after its start. Deerslayers` squad managed to defeat the reborn Angel at a high price in blood. After its death, the Raven has left a catlyst in form of a dent gear. The power of this monster is so high that there is no doubt that sooner or later this creature will join an army of some brave Lord or Lady.