23 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Surrounded by a blue Flame, Raven doesn't leave her opponents a slightest chance to survive. At a speed of a wild fire she rushes into the field of battle, spreading chaos and despair among the enemy lines.

Like previously added heroes, you can get Raven in one of three ways:

  1. Complete a seven-day quest chain, then recruit Raven for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain starts on December 23, and the last unlocks on December 30. Once you complete the last, a quest will appear allowing you to pay silver to recruit Raven.
  2. The normal way to recruit Raven (paying silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a castle level of 25 and up from January 6 onward.
  3. Raven can also be hired immediately for 299 gold.

With the release of this new hero, the price of Berserker has been reduced to 500,000 silver и 199 gold.

Raven's Talents

«Warm Welcome»

Heroine`s passive ability allows Raven to deal additional fire damage with a first hit. When on native terrain, the damage is even higher.



Heroine`s first active ability deals fire damage to all the enemies who managed to escape her basic attack. Raven unleashes fire in a cone, burning all enemies in a specified area.


«Scorching Flame»

This improvement also allows heroine to significantly slow down her opponents. Even though the debuff decreases with time, running away from the fire is still not that easy!

«On Fiery Wings»

Even though her wings were damaged by a blue flame, they still help her a lot during the battle. By using her second active skill, the heroine can travel large distances, escaping possible attacks or following the running away enemy.
When on native terrain, the ability restores faster.


«Elated by Flame»

Raven starts to amass charges for “On Fiery Wings” ability. With maximum charges, the Heroine can relocate 3 times in a row with a short delay.

«Fiery Curse»

The third heroine`s ability is also passive. All Ravens basic attacks or class abilities also curse the target, dealing damage over time.


«Emanative Flame»

This skill improvement hurts all the enemies near the cursed target.


Heroine`s last skill deals significant amount of damage to the enemy marked with a Warm Welcome within a short period of time. When there is no such foes nearby, the skill will be applied to the closest one.
If the Warm Welcome will be applied to another enemy,  the Fire Storm will switch to it as well.


«Avalanche of Fire»

This skill improvement allows Raven to deal 1,5 more damage to a specified target.

Burn it to the ground!

Meet Ravens blue flame in your Castles and beware her on the fields of battle!

Your Prime World Team