Prime Advent III: The Touched of Christmas

16 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The time has come to start a new round of Prime Advent and fire the third candle! A rich old Lord has recently become a widower and does not want to spend the Christmas alone. He has sent his heralds all over Praia to announce that a storytelling contest will take place in his family Castle. The Lord himself is a boring old man, but the reward will definitely attract a lot of guests.

Who in the world will refuse winning a unique legendary talent?

The Touched of Christmas

  • Describe or draw a special Christmas monster.
  • Post your description in the comment section below this news.
  • Take your chance and win the recently introduced unique legendary talents!

Please Note:

  • We accept an unlimited amount of entries from each participant, but only one of them can win.
  • Not more than 3000 signs.
  • The monster should fit into the Prime World universe.
  • Additional artwork is a big plus.
  • The touched have 1-2 abilities at their disposal. Please invent some interesting skills for your monster!

5 best authors receive unique red talents added in the latest patch.

Don't be shy and take your chance!

Your Prime World Team