Valuable gifts for filling up the account!

08 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

According to the most recent studies of the Dokht scientists, the new legendary talents can now be found among gold coins!

Receive brand new legendary talents as a reward!

For the next four days, starting from 09:00 (UTC) on December 8th till 09:00 on December 12th, fill up your treasury with a sum more than 100 Gold and find new precious gifts, including the brand new legendary talents!

!WARNING: you will receive your gifts not directly after the transaction, but
till 17:00 (UTC) on December 13!

Gold amount

from 100 till 249 gold 

1 random new legendary talent

  from 250 till 449 gold 

200 prime crystals and 1 random new legendary talent

  from 500 till 749 gold 350 prime crystals and 2 random new legendary talents
  from 750 till 999 gold 500 prime crystals and 3 random new legendary talents
  from 1000 gold and more 700 prime crystals and 5 random new legendary talents

Please pay attention to the following points:

  • The gold bonuses from runes and other special offers do not count;
  • You can receive the unlimited amount of gifts;
  • To get the desired reward, you should make a one-time payment. Splitting the payment in parts does not count.

Those lords and ladies who are not interested in the shine of gold may receive unique quests by completing a special quest chain!

Your Prime World Team