Brand New Legendary Talents — Get Them All!

08 December 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The sky is shaking in Praia causing magical changes both on the battlefields and in the Castles. Make haste and use all the advantages of this precious time and please yourself with nice surprises!

Legendary quest chain!

From now on, a new quest chain “In Search For The New Artifacts” is available in your Castles. Fulfil the objectives till 09:00 (UTC) on December 12 and get brand new legendary talents as the reward! We remind you that these talents are not yet available for purchase.

The objectives are hard to complete, but the reward is worth trying!


Support an ally 40 times

3 Prime Crystals

  Gather 100000 Prime

6 Prime Crystals

  Kill 100 Touched 9 Prime Crystals and Colossal Potential
  Kill 200 Soldiers 12 Prime Crystals and Forged in Cruelty
  5 wins in Borderlands 15 Prime Crystals and Habitual Victor

Those lords and ladies, who are tired of endless battles can check their treasury and try finding the legendary rewards there!

Fill up your Library with legendary talents!

Your Prime World Team