Darkening Sky

07 December 2016

From an official report to the Lords Circle, 120 years ago

… a so called Angel seems to be a friendly creature and doesn't show any signs of hostile behavior. The way she thinks is pretty typical for any other Hero we have researched earlier. Psychological studies reveal that the Angel feels a greater responsibility towards its Lord compared to other Heroes. The weird thing is that this creature doesn't seem to feel any emotional connection to someone or something…

...Apparently, the creature has some relatives: it rarely mentions some kind of “father” or “fathers”, but our attempts to shed some light on this topic failed, as the Angel doesn't seem to understand the question…

(Right after this report the Dokhts started to explore the Angel`s abilities on the battlefield. It is worth mentioning, that the Dokhts never treated Angels like equal)


Flodmin City, Present days

— I need a 26” wrench, — asked Mark.
Theresa slowly flew to the desk, found the wrench, and handed it over to the Inventors hand.
— You are welcome, my darling.
Mark felt chills all over his skin.
— Why do you call me that way?
— I've read this word in the book, — Theresa said, rolling herself in the wings. Mark smiled stiffly.
— What else have you read there?
— Lots of things. I've read about love, for example.
She ran an eye over Mark.
— Please let me stretch your shoulders.

Mark turned his shoulders to the warm and soft hands of theresa. Along with a relaxation, he felt a long forgotten feeling deep inside him.


Borderlands, a few month later

— We are trapped, Mark! — a Fox named Rita screamed right at the ear of the Inventor. Mark was all in his work, urgently repairing the broken turret.
— Mark, can you hear me? We can not hold any longer! Get them closer and blow the rest of the charges!

Yes, this was the right thing to do. Mark left the hopeless gun and jumped in the trench. Suddenly, the white light dawned the Inventor from above. “Now this is the end”, thought Mark for a moment. But then, a woman's hand appeared out of the glowing matter.
— Theresa, — Mark gasped loudly, — why? — The Angel touched his face and Mark felt his wounds and burns healing.
— I don't want you to suffer alone, my darling.


Greengrass Committee Archives

Disobedience Report №29

The Angel species also called Theresa was absent without official leave, abandoning her battle station against the clear order of their highness Lord Greengrass. The motives remain unknown. The object is placed under custody until the situation is clear.

Executive Order №2

Issued by their highness Lord Greengrass, this order authorizes public execution of the Angel Species also called Theresa. Objects Catalyst has to be destroyed as well. This order is not a subject to any appeal.


Flodmin City Surroundings, a few days later

Mark has done all necessary preparations. Right after the final judgement, the right wall of the fortress will collapse. At the same time, the fog grenades will explode. This will not create a panic, but will definitely provide enough time for them to disappear. By the moment the guards understand what is happening, Theresa and Mark will be far away.

Theresa was standing silently on the scaffold, waiting for the court's decision with the bowed head. Not this day, my darling, thought Mark. Not this day. But he didn't have time to pull the trigger. Suddenly, the earth trembled. Nobody could stand on their feet, the windows crashed into tiny shards, and the crowd began to scream. Theresa lifted her hands to the sky and shouted: “No, Father, no! Please don't take them away from me!”. A moment later, turquoise flames fall down at her right from the sky...


While the earth is shaking and the sky is darkening, we propose you to guess what type of creature the new Heroine is.

It is known that she has been a messenger of the old gods for a long time. After her banishment, she has lost a lot, but gained things way more important.

As always, 10 players with the closest guesses will receive a new Heroine when the update is deployed. Leave your guesses in comments below!

Yours Prime World Team