Prime Advent II: Lore Knowledge Contest

02 December 2016


It is a bit sad to say that the first week of the Prime Advent is coming to an end. It was a happy time for us reading your haikus, and determining the best poems was not an easy task. After a long and stressful discussion, we are pleased to announce the winners:


To receive your gifts, please contact danik920 or our official Facebook Community Page in a private message and specify your in-game nickname along with one desired legendary talent introduced in the latest patch.

Lore Knowledge Contest

Anyway, it's time to move forward towards new contests and unique rewards! The second Prime Advent Week is all about wisdom and knowledge. All Lords and Ladies who like reading the ancient scrolls will benefit greatly from this event. Complete a short quiz and receive unique epic talents that can not be obtained other way than by participating in this contest!

Just click the link and answer the questions to participate.

We wish you a good luck!

Your Prime World Team