Red Friday!

25 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Traditionally, the last Friday of November is the time for lucrative offers all around the globe.

Last year we organized a free fair with assortment renewal just for 1 silver coin. This time we want to please you with another unprecedented offer! It's time to fill up your warehouses with red crystals - the price has never been so attractive!

Offer in the Fair!

Only 3 days, from 09:00 (UTC) November 25th till 09:00 November 28th unbelievably attractive offers are available in the fair!

  • Along with our standard offers “1 legendary crystal for 2 prime crystals” and “1 legendary crystal for silver”, the new offers containing 3 or 5 legendary crystals are added!
  • The more crystals the pack contains, the better the offer is:
    • 1 Legendary Crystal = 2 Prime Crystals
    • 3 Legendary Crystals  = 5 Prime Crystals
    • 5 Legendary Crystals = 8 Prime Crystals!
  • Even the jackpot turned is fire red! Within the next three days you have a chance to buy 100 legendary crystals for 200 prime crystals!
  • The offers with red crystals appeare 1,5x more often. Remember, an offer may contain more than 1 red crystal, meaning that getting them is 5 times easier.
  • The assortment renewal costs only 500 Silver, the purchased fields remain permanent. Therefore, you can search for other goods as well!

We have also temporary removed offers with 3, 5 and 8 prime crystals in order to not overload the payment server. We have added a new offer 24 prime crystals for 9 gold instead.

Note: Please don't worry if you see payment error messages or the question marks instead of a gold icon. It may take 3-4 minutes for the payment server to process the transaction.

Stock up with the legendary crystals - the winter is coming!

Have a good shopping and happy Black Friday!

Your Prime World Team