Hotfix Installed, the Servers Are Up Again

24 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The new Hotfix has been installed, the servers are up again!




The Berserker turned out to be a brutal, aggressive and dangerous hero, just the way we planned to make him. Unfortunately he also had quite a few bugs that made him not easy to handle. The bugs have been fixed, and one of the key skills of the Berserker, the Devastating Lunge, was tweaked as well.


Iron Precision

  • Reduced basic Energy cost from 90 to 80.

Devastating Lunge

  • Increased animation speed by 1.5.
  • Reduced cooldown time for using skill two times in a row from 0.4 to 0.3 sec.
  • Increased skill activation radius to 30%

Furious Hurricane

  • Increased damage by 15% both from the basic talent and its improvement.


  • Fixed bug with enemy heroes escaping the Fetters after using Raging Skin, Fissure other talents of the same type
  • Target pulled with Fetters + Devastating Lunge combo will no longer stick in obstacles.


  • “Advantage” and its counterparts are now working properly. Death of the owner no longer causes the axes malfunctioning.
  • Fixed bug with the font size.
  • Added voice over for the Pied Piperess in the castle.


Technical issues compensation

We deeply apologize for the technical issues that took place on Tuesday and Wednesdaу. All players receive one day of Golden Age for their patience. For your convenience, you may gather the reward any time by clicking on the relevant quest icon and giving away 1 food.

We have also prolonged the Berserker Quest for 48 hours — the deadline is 09:00 UCT on November 26.

Good luck on the battle field!

Your Prime World Team