Prime Advent I: Haiku Contest

24 November 2016


Christmas and New Year are coming at your house; are you going to shut the door or let the miracles in?
Following your multiple requests, we are launching a specific month-long event for English and German speaking audiences. Within next four weeks, participate in four different contests and receive unbelievably valuable rewards!

Without further ado, please welcome the Prime Advent Contest Series!

Week One: Haiku Mastery

It's been awhile since we organized our last Haiku contest, and we hope that our latest content-rich Updates will inspire your creativity greatly!

The reward is truly desirable this time: the brand new legendary talents introduced in the latest patch. At the moment, none of them can be acquired other way than by participating in contests. Just write an epic verse and be the first to get 'em!

Contest Rules

To participate in the contest, you should write a Haiku in the comments under this news. A Haiku is a 3-line poem without rhyme that conforms to simple rules:

  • No punctuation.
  • Consists of 3 lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables (rhythmic units) accordingly, without rhyme.
  • Thematically about Prime World, humour welcome.


mid-lane alone
a frog jumps to the flag
the touch of a tongue

We accept an unlimited amount of entries from each participant, but only one of them can win. Authors of the best haikus will be rewarded with 1 brand new legendary talent depending on their choice.

Please submit your entries in this thread until 09:00 UTC on December 1st. Winners will be announced within one business day after the end of event.

Off we go!

Your Prime World Team