Daily quests become easier

22 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

We are happy to introduce you our new daily quest schedule! The quests are needed to enhance your gaming experience and to help you fill up the treasury in your Castle. You can receive not only the Red Crystals, but also 25 000 Silver, exclusive talents along with the Prime Crystals as reward!

We always make changes according to the community's wishes. For example, you will now receive 1 legendary crystal on the 1st stage of the daily quests instead of the 3rd. We hope you will like the changes!

Schedule changes

Firstly, from now on, you have 72 hours instead of 48 to complete the daily quest chain. This will allow you to have better chances to finish the quest in time, even if your daily routines hinder you from doing it.

Secondly, we decided to remove the Wednesday quest from the schedule. It will be replaced with a standard 3-stages quest. The same chain will now start on Sundays, which earlier was a “quest free day”.

Thirdly, the Red Saturday Quest. The objectives remain the same while the reward is increased from 5 to 6 legendary talents.

As a result, you can get the same amount of legendary crystals, but it is easier now as we get rid of the complicated quest at Wednesday. On top of that, the new quests on Wednesday and Sunday will provide you with additional amount of other resources.

Let's sum up:

  • You will now get new quests every day.
  • The Wednesday quest for winning in a group/solo replaced with a chain of 3 easy quests.

The reward for the Hard Difficulty Quest at Saturday is increased from 5 to 6 legendary crystals.

Complete 3 quest chains in a row and get legendary talents!

During the first week of the new Quest Schedule we are going to give you with a special mission! The Reward is precious and amazing, don't miss the chance to get it!

  • After fulfilling 3 quest chains in a row, ex.: Mn-Tue-Wd, or Wd-Thu-Fr, you will receive 3 random legendary talents.
  • To get the reward, complete all the stages in a row (9 missions). The Saturday quest does not count.
  • The event lasts from November 21. till November 27.

Good luck, Lords and Ladies!

Your Prime World Team