Pied Piperess

22 November 2016

This place used to be her home. There were friends, neighbours, an apple garten, weat fields and her fathers workshop here.

A shorthaired girl dressed in military academy uniform doubled her fists.
Black ashes were falling down from the sky, soiling her clothes. The girl picked up a small pet rat - a little present from the uncle, she received in the childhood.

The stash in the wall was left untouched. It contained the last order received by her father. A combat flute, ordered by some Hero. Who else would use music as a weapon?

The flute was still warm, as though it still remembered the heat of the furnace.
Suddenly, the girl felt a sharp pain in the leg. The rat sank her teeth right into her skin. Obviously, it were prime vapors from father’s workshop, which made the little creature nervous.

- Do you want me to play for you, little friend? - the girl smiled and started playing. The first notes of an old lullaby made the crows over her head stand still and listening. Then, even rats and a couple of horses which managed to survive the massacre came to see the strange girl.

She dropped with a sweat, and the prime seemed to be burning in her veins after her pet rat has bitten her.

After the melody was finished,the girl disappeared in a bright flash of prime together with her new friends.

A few days later, she came to the castle of a noble lady and sveared she will serve her if she helps her find those people who have destroyed her village.

Original hero: Pied Piper / Rat Master
Features: sex change, new voice
Cost : 99 gold