Flame Wyrm

22 November 2016

Strange things started to happen in the Foggy Forest. Actually, this place never used to be calm, but the weird prime-glowing blizzard lasting for three days was definitely caused by unnatural reasons. The local lord organized an expedition to investigate the anomaly.

At the brink of dawn, tired Heroes reached the middle of the forest and made a camp on a large meadow.

The snow turned a glowing turquoise. The air was filled with thin blue lightning.
Suddenly, a dragon appeared in the sky.

The golden shining surrounded the Dragon, protecting him both from steel and magic. With each minute, it was getting stronger and stronger, until the dragon disappeared in a bright flare.

The only thing that was left was the charred pendant, filled with magic power.
It took some time to research the unusual finding, until the next magic blizzard has started in Praia, turning the amulet in a dragon or a Flame Wyrm, as he preferred to call himself.

Original hero: Dragonfly / Arcane Wyrm
Features: new voiceover, reworked animations
Cost : 69 gold