Berserker and his axes!

15 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Without noticing any obstacles in his way (no matter if walls or trees), a new hero, the Berserker, rushes onto the field of battle! Two razor-sharp axes, a handful of prime and lots of enemies to beat: what in the world could be better for a true man?

The winners who receive Berserker right now:

  1. Rahman Rafiu
  2. Hisoka Illosion
  3. Sandipan Datta
  4. Blake Whitaker
  5. Apurwa Masook


Chains of Terror

Do not get any closer!

All nearby enemy Heroes deal less damage with their active skills. This passive ability reduces the damage taken by a greater value on native terrain.


Moreover, this skill allows also applying a Health Drain effect on all his active skills, which deal damage with his axes.

Iron Precision

Increases the range and damage on your next basic attack.


Crushing Blow

Smash 'em all! This skill improvement increases your damage done with Iron Precision and will now stun your target.

Devastating Lunge

The chains on your axes are not just for cosmetics. As you are efficient in both melee and ranged combat, by using your second ability you throw your axes, knocking down all trees. All enemies hit are damaged and slowed. Back Off!!!



When used a second time, you will jump to your axes, destroying all trees upon impact, and dealing damage to adjacent enemies.

Furious Hurricane

The Berserker creates an area of death by spinning his axes over his head. All enemies caught in this area receive a damage over time debuff.
The hero gains health from each target hit. The further an enemy is from you the more damage you deal, and your life drain is also increased.



The damage dealt at the edge of Furious Hurricane is increased by 50%


The last skill is as tough and powerful as Berserker himself! Throwing chains with a powerful force. Hitting the nearest Hero and dealing damage to all enemies on the way. All enemy heroes hit by the chains can not flee from you for a short period.


Steal Leash

After hitting an enemy hero with Fetters, you are now able to pull them into you.

Meet the Berserker in your Castles and keep the walls safe from the strokes of his axes!

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