Patch 10.12

15 November 2016

Lords and Ladies,

Patch 10.12 was installed on our game servers, we`re online again! Visit your castle to see a new Hero, some great new skins, reworked “axes”, and much more! Off we go!

New Hero

The berserker rushes violently into a crowd of enemies, whips his axes around, and binds his stunned enemies with chains. Yeah, he’s pretty scary. He’s so confident that he prefers Life Drain to protective abilities

You can read more about this new hero here.

Berserker can be obtained three different ways, just like the other heroes:

  1. Complete a seven-day quest chain, then recruit Berserker for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain is already unlocked, and the last will be unlocked on November 22. Once you complete the last, a quest will appear allowing you to pay silver to recruit Berserker.
  2. The normal way to recruit Berserker (paying silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a castle level of 25 and up from November 29 onward.
  3. Berserker can also be hired immediately for 299 gold.

With the release of this new hero, the price of Tearaway has been reduced to 500 000 silver and 199 gold.

New skins

Pied Piperess

Original hero: Pied Piper / Rat Master
Features: sex change, new voice
Cost: 99 gold


Fire Wyrm

Original hero: Dragonfly / Arcane Wyrm
Features: new voiceover, reworked animations
Cost: 69 gold

New Talents

Five new legendary talents! These are single talents (not in sets) and can only be initially obtained by winning various competitions and events. Later, they can be obtained at the Fair and the Forge.

Habitual Victory

  • Talent type: legendary;
  • Required grade: I;
  • Prime cost to learn: 350;
  • Restores 375 Health for killing an enemy hero or support.

Spirit of Swiftness

  • Talent type: legendary;
  • Required grade: III;
  • Prime cost to learn: 675;
  • Increases the hero’s base Speed by 5. On Enemy or Neutral Terrain, the hero’s base Speed is additionally increased by 5. When multiple passive Speed-boosting effects are applied, only the largest remains active.
  • Increases Energy Regeneration by 2.5.

Forged in Cruelty

  • Talent type: legendary;
  • Required grade: IV;
  • Prime cost to learn: 825;
  • Killing an enemy hero reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 12%.
  • Increases Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) by 6.

Frozen Vengeance

  • Talent type: legendary;
  • Required grade: V;
  • Prime cost to learn: 1160;
  • Any enemy who attacks this talent’s owner takes 18 magic damage and loses 20% Speed for 2 seconds. When used on an enemy hero, the talent has a cooldown of 1 second.

Colossal Potential

  • Talent type: legendary;
  • Required grade: VI;
  • Prime cost to learn: 1600;
  • Increases Strength, Intellect, Stamina, or Will (whichever is greater) by 24.


Witch Doctor / Woodsman

The hero Witch Doctor has pretty high damage, but actually dealing it is becoming more and more difficult. In mobile and aggressive metagames, the spiteful gardener – who is not particularly quick on his feet – needs a way to defend himself. If you can’t speed yourself up, just stop your opponent!

After all, nobody stuck in a tree is running anywhere fast.


Wicked Tree

  • Adds 50% to the Stamina and Will bonus granted by the Otik’s Call upgrade.

Crow’s Eye Curse

  • Now removes the invisibility effect from the target.



The changes made to Luna were mostly functional. Stasis now truly freezes everything it can, interaction with gates has become more intuitive, and Luna’s damage has been increased a little.

With the new features of Stasis, Luna is a decent counter for Fire Fox and all heroes with long-duration abilities – none of which will work during Stasis.


Charged Particle

  • Increases by 12% the damage bonus given by Supernova against one target for passing through the gates


Astral Gates

  • The mechanics of passing through gates have been reworked: now, the destination depends on the relative position of the Hero to the gate, not on the direction the Hero is looking.
  • The Astral Expansion upgrade is no longer required to allow allies to use gates.
  • The Astral Expansion upgrade now makes gates boost the Cunning of all nearby allies. This boost was formerly activated by jumping through the gate.



  • Stasis now also freezes targets’ health and energy regeneration, Inventor’s component regeneration, and cooldown times for abilities, potions, scrolls, and teleporting.
  • The Fairy Warriors and Fairy Guardians abilities are now canceled if Fay / Fairy Queen is put into Stasis. Any damage dealt to enemies before they were put into Stasis remains.
  • Fire Fox / Flame Tail’s ability Flame-tailed does not deal any damage while in Stasis. Once the fox emerges from Stasis, the ability works as usual.
  • Wanderer’s Bodyguard ability is stopped if Wanderer is put into Stasis. After Stasis is over, the shield continues to function as normal.


Eraser / Assassin

Assassin gains too much gank potential by level 5. He has both stun and slowdown (at level 2!). By level 9, Assassin has one of the strongest skill combos in the game. Yes, he is energy-intensive and delicate, but it the early ganking phase, few can match Assassin.

We’ve adjusted Assassin’s dynamics a little so that the silent killer needs more time to develop.


Insidious Throw

  • Slowdown moved from the main talent to the Merciless Steel upgrade

Shadow Warrior

  • Shadow Strike upgrade moved to the third tier
  • Vital Shadow upgrade moved to the second tier
    Alert! Both upgrades have been moved to the library!



Tearaway, despite her flexibility and mobility, had terrible damage. +15% damage for bravery. Now get to it! Time to tear through some enemies!


Fast Attack

  • Damage increased by 15%



  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Heroine from exiting invisibility when this ability dealt damage.


Dizzying Throw

  • Damage increased by 15%
  • The absolute minimum cooldown is now 3 seconds


Goodbye Kiss

  • Can no longer be used on the Touched or on soldiers


Moira / Witch

Update 10.12 significantly enhanced Energy Drain talents, and Moira’s abilities were no exception. This has unlocked a new side of Moira: heroes dependent on mana should avoid clashing with her too often, or they might find themselves completely out of Energy!

Curse of the Witch

  • Quadrupled Energy Drain.



  • Now all aimable abilities (Assassin’s Insidious Throw, Hunter’s Enchanted Arrow, etc.) deal damage to turrets and vita-generators instead of passing right through them.


Shadow / Whisp

Shadow Protection

  • Can no longer be used on allies who cannot currently become invisible (due to Witch Doctor / Woodsman’s Crow’s Eye Curse, for example, or the Blind Seer set).


The most important change to talents in 10.12 is undoubtedly the reworking of axes, which we have already discussed. Now each ax gives its wielder 7 Prime for each time an attack hits a soldier or Touched – up to a maximum of 800. As before, only one ax can be active for one Hero, so there’s no way to stack this damage or bonus Prime. Also, Energy Drain talents have been significantly strengthened.


(values in parentheses are those used when the talent is fully upgraded)

  • Now always deals soldiers and the Touched an extra 10 (14) damage.

Awe Striker

  • Now always deals soldiers and the Touched an extra 12 (16) damage.

Hunter Dominance

  • Now always deals soldiers and the Touched an extra 12 (16) damage. Deals an additional 5 (7) damage on Native Terrain.

Stalker Dominance

  • Now always deals soldiers and the Touched an extra 12 (16) damage. Deals an additional 5 (7) damage on Neutral or Enemy Terrain.

Soul Hunger

  • Increased Energy Drain by 250%, bringing it to 24.2 (31)

Inner Hunger

  • Increased Energy Drain by 250%, bringing it to 16.2 (21)

Toxic Effect

  • Talents that reduce the duration of control effects now work correctly against the Spider Venom upgrade

Equality Charm

  • Added a status that displays talent cooldown time

Inspiring Hymn

  • Fixed a bug that made the Hymn of Celebration and Hymn of Might upgrades influence soldiers for only 20 seconds instead of 40.
  • Now allied soldiers multiply when affected by a hymn with the Hymn of Might upgraded.


  • Fixed a bug that made using active talents from the Art of the Witch set activate a 15-second cooldown on the Continuum talent.
  • Added a camera shake effect when Mimi uses Jump! while in Grrr! form.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of Cunning received when Luna used the Astral Gates ability.
    • Advantage and its counterparts grant additional prime only till the first death of the owner.
    • Players may experience font size issues during game session.

Yours Prime World Team