Valuable gifts for filling up the account!

11 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

A new hero will rush into the field of battle soon, crushing his enemies with his razor-sharp axes and defending the ones he svered to protect. The power of this hero is so great that it is causing the changes in the structure of the world!

For three days, from 09:00 (UTC) on 11 November till 09:00 on 14 November fill up your account with 250 Gold or more to receive valuable rewards!

Please note! You will receive your deserved gifts not directly after the refill, but on November 15th!

Valuable gifts!

    Gold coins amount

From 250 to 499 gold 

200 Prime crystals

  From 500 to 749 gold

300 Prime crystals and 15 legendary crystals

  From 750 to 999 gold 400 Prime crystals and 30 legendary crystals
  From 1000 gold and more 600 Prime crystals and 50 legendary crystals

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that:

  • The bonus gold from the Rune or other actions - won't be counted;
  • While the action is active, you can get any number of gifts;
  • Your payments won't be summarized, in order to receive a desired gift, fill up your account for the necessary amount of gold specified above - with one payment.

Don't miss a chance to prepare yourself for the coming Hero!

Your Prime World Team