Further Surprises in the Update 10.12!

08 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Last week we uncovered some information about the update 10.12, and time has come to reveal more details about it. Please meet a new Hero before he crashed everything on his way!

New Hero!

These axes were forged in the time before time, destined to wait for their true master. The legends predicted his appearance, and the old men told stories about it near the midnight fire.

An old woodsman suddenly heard a loud noise while doing his daily rounds. At the end of the day, this sound was extremely unusual. Naked trees couldn't hide a strong man's body, surrounded by the weird stripes of steel. It took woodsman a couple of minutes of realize that this deadly illusion was caused by the strokes of an ancient weapon.

The true axe master has come to take what belongs to him.


The woodsman managed to see the training of the new Hero and immediately spread the news all over the continent. Usually, our Heroes don't like to train in public… But not this time. Those 10 Lords and Ladies who will be the first to guess the names of the Hero`s skills will receive the new hero as a reward!

Firstly, the woodsman saw a storm of steel, surrounding the hero. Furious strokes of axes and a booming noise created an area around the hero dealing an enormous damage to the surrounding enemies (according to the woodsman's words these were the Touched).

The training ended as unexpectedly as it started. The hero unleashed the force of Prime in his axes, turning them into the giant birds of prey, which attacked his opponents, not allowing them to run away. Now this makes any battle way easier!

!Attention: to participate in the contest, leave your comments below this news until 09:00 (UTC) on November 11th!

Take your chance!

Your Prime World Team