Update 10.12 Sneak Peek

02 November 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The upcoming major update 10.12 will be installed on our game servers this month — and it is about time to reveal some details about it. Today we are going to do some necromantic stuff, resurrecting our previously popular Axes and Energy Drain Talents. Take your seats, Lords and Ladies, and read till the end, because the changes are extremely important.

Advantage come!

«Advantage» and its more powerful counterparts were one of the most important talents before we made changes to the Forest mechanics. Now these talents have lost their former importance because the Touched have become drastically weaker in early game. The Touched are dying after a couple of hits, and the axes are not as effective as they used to be. In the next update, there will be two major changes to the mechanics of axes:

1. Equal damage spread

We are going to remove the chance of axes hitting the target. The reason for this is the current amount of the Touched health. In early game, it is sometimes hard to understand, what has actually killed a poor kobold: the axe or a simple attack. That is why we will spread the damage for each type of the axes:

you may find maximum possible damage numbers in brackets

  • will deal 10 (14) additional damage to the Touched/Soldiers with each hit.

Greater Advantage

  • will deal 12 (16) additional damage to the Touched/Soldiers with each hit.

Hunter Dominance

  • will deal 12 (16) additional damage to the Touched/Soldiers with each hit. When on Native Terrain, the damage is increased — by 5 (7) points.

Stalker Dominance

  • will cause 12 (16) additional damage to the Touched with each hit. When on Hostile or Neutral Terrain, the damage is increased — by 5 (7) points.

2. Axes and the Inflow of Prime

We always loved the «Inflow of Prime». Eventually it was replaced with other talents, and the experiments with dynamics of Prime income were abandoned. But the idea is still there, and soon you'll get another way to fill your hero with Prime.

This time, it'll take some work to get additional amount of turquoise ambrosia — each kill of a soldier or a monster will bring you 7 points of Prime. You can receive up to 800 Prime by doing so. If you manage to «last-hit» all the soldiers on your line, the talent will pay off in five minutes, and get its maximum strength at minute ten. But in reality, it is pretty hard to kill all the soldiers on the line by yourself, so it will take longer to get the full potential of the axes.

Mana Drain

Talents meant for stealing energy have become a standing joke, and we are aware that they are quite inefficient. After a long discussion, we have understood which role the energy drain talents should play in the game.

Update 10.12 brings new, more aggressive way to restore your energy efficiently. These two talents are essential for doing this:

Soul Hunger
you may find max. possible energy drain numbers in brackets

  • Increased Energy Drain efficiency by 250%, or 24.2 (31)

Inner Hunger

  • Increased Energy Drain efficiency by 250%, or 16.2 (21)

Therefore, a maximum amount of stolen Energy may reach 52 Points with a hit. Now we're talking!


We have also prepared a surprise for you in the next Update. You'll find more details — next week. Follow the news!

Your Prime World Team