Sweet Weekend!

28 October 2016

Lords And Ladies!

The sweetest time in Praia has come! Your Heroes are already trying new fancy costumes for size, and blacksmiths produce two times more talents using a special magic. The heroes of the festivities, the Vampire and the Witch, are ready to join your court with an attractive discount in silver!

Special Offer in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden!

Trick or treat? Our blacksmiths decided to be generous this time, and are going to please their Lords and Ladies with doubled production quantities and unique talents!


From 9:00 (UTC) on October 28th till 9:00 on October 31st:

  • Get 2x More Talents for 1 Prime Crystal
  • 2x More Odds to Produce Exclusive Talents!

Major Discounts on Heroes!

The King and the Queen of the Masquerade are willing to join the ranks of your heroes right away! In observance of the festival, they will take 30% less silver from the treasury!

  • Vampire/Dahaka - 350 000 silver instead of 500 000
  • Witch/Moira - 175 000 silver instead of 250 000

Special Skins!

Only till 09:00 (UTC) on November 1st, rare collectible skins will be available in your Castles. Don't miss a chance to make your Heroes happy!

Original hero: Bard/Muse
49 gold

Original hero:
49 gold

Cutie Zombie
Original hero: Shadow/Whisp
49 gold
Original hero: Vampire/Dahaka
49 gold

A merry scary weekend!

Your Prime World Team