Black Friday is Coming to Praia!

21 October 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The upcoming Halloween has made some changes to the regular flow of life. Traditionally, the Black Friday, a major international sales event, is the last Friday of November. But a weird magic fog which has covered Praia lately is mixing up the streams of time!

Please welcome the “foggy” Black Friday in Praia - a month earlier than anywhere else!

Action in the Fair!

Three days, till 9:00 UTC on October 24th, a truly legendary wealth of choice will reign in pavilions of the Fair!

The assortment renewal is almost free, it costs only one silver coin, also selected fields remain permanently, which means there is no limit set to the renewal amount! This way, everyone can renew the assortment until he or she finds the necessary items! Furthermore, only within these three days you can get a unique Birth of Legend set, which has been out of stock for some time. Don`t miss the chance to become a true Dragon!


  • All 3 legendary talent sets in stock
  • Renew the assortment for only 1 Silver
  • Purchased fields remain permanently


During this event, jackpots, as well as the offer "Legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals" will be removed from the Fair. The price of these offers is directly linked to the rare chance, which in its turn is completely covered by the possibility of unlimited assortment renewal.

In order to not overload the payment server with multiple requests, offers for 3,5,8 Prime crystals were deleted from the Fair. Instead an offer with "24 Prime crystals for 9 Gold" was added to the assortment.

Hurry up to get these good pennyworths!

Your Prime World Team