Patch 10.11.1

20 October 2016

Lords and Ladies

Patch 10.11.1 was installed on our game servers, we're online again! The update is primarily technical and focused on improving client stability. However, following numerous requests to make popular changes to Shadow/Whisp, she has also been rebalanced in this update.


Shadow / Whisp

After the second community-made rebalamce, the Shadow become extremely more viable and got her former Prime Bonuses back. From now on, she will not completely lose her invisibility while covering an Ally. The risks are still high for the Shadow, even though she only becomes visible  for 2 seconds after using her Cover ability.


  • It now hides the heroine automatically when she takes damage equal to 20% or more of her current health. Cooldown — 30 seconds.
  • Activation time has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10
  • When she is under the effect of Cover and Touched or enemy soldiers die within a small area around Shadow, she now receives 10 Prime per kill.


Shadow Protection

  • Using it on an ally no longer removes an active invisibility effect from Whisp herself, but rather makes her visible for 2 seconds


  • Improved client protection.
  • The reward for the New Talents rookie quest has temporarily been changed from 8 gold to 1,500 silver

Your Prime World Team