Scarlet October!

11 October 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The middle of autumn is the time when the leaves become scarlet. It should seem like an ordinary thing which doesn't hide any surprises. No way! Specially for you, in the middle of autumn, we are going to add some scarlet colour to the in-game quests!

Scarlet Rewards!

From tomorrow, complete the daily quests and receive legendary Talents and red Crystals as reward!

For the next 5 days, from October, 12th till October 16th, the special autumn quest chain called Scarlet October will be available in your Castles. The first stage will start tomorrow at 9:00 (UTC). For competition of each stage, you will receive red-coloured rewards:


1st stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 1 Legendary Crystal
2nd stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 2 Legendary Crystals
3rd stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 3 Legendary Crystals
4th stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 4 Legendary Crystals
5th stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 5 Legendary Crystals

Each new stage will begin one time a day at 9:00 (UTC) if the previous quest has been completed. You will have 48 hours to complete each stage. Thus, for these 5 days you may fill your Library with 5 Talents and 15 Crystals of the most precious red colour!

Fill Up Your Castles with Scarlet Colour!

All yours,
Prime World Team