Shadow/Whisp Rebalance results

04 October 2016


The time has come to take stock of the second Hero rebalance made by our humble community. Shadow had quite a difficult story both in Praia and in the game itself. She has gone from worst to first many times for the past few years. Early on, Shadow was extremely strong in metagame (which was the reason for us to weaken her) but now, when the aggressive playing matters more than ever, the hero became too weak. The time has come for Shadow to return as a ganker able to pursuit weakened targets with a low amount of health. Without further ado, let's go through the player’s ideas!

Here are the most popular suggestions we have received from you:
  1. Allow Shadow to stay invisible when using “Cover” on an Ally
  2. Rework “Dance of the Fans” so it could hit only Heroes
  3. Get additional Prime for enemy soldiers dying nearby
  4. Automatically turn invisible after receiving high amount of damage.

We think that allowing “Dance of the Fans” to hit only heroes will ruin the need in proper positioning for this hero. The damage of this skill is comparable with Assassin's or Chimeras procast. That's why we want to leave the current “Dance of the Fans” mechanics unchanged. From another hand, most of Shadows invisibility skills will be improved.

Let's go through all main changes the Shadow will undergo according to your suggestions.

1. Shadow will stay invisible when she’s hiding an Ally in “Cover”.

Whisp had this ability in earlier versions, which used to turn her into an ultimate weapon against all heroes with low amount of health. We have weakened it because it allowed for extreme maneuverability both in attack and defence. Now after a massive update, which has returned tough close combat oriented heroes back to the lines, Shadows usefulness decreased significantly. Shadow will get back her lost ability but instead of a complete loss of invisibility, we are going to add a 2 sec. cooldown before she turns invisible again. It should strengthen the Shadow as a Support Hero in the early game and allowing her to save an Ally almost in every situation. In the late game, however even 2 seconds of invisibility loss are extremely dangerous for Shadow.

2. Getting additional Prime when enemy soldiers and monsters die near the Shadow

This ability has been removed due to a huge difference between private and team Prime spread. In the current metagame, the Shadow has difficulties to kill the monsters - it is not her task either. You have voted to give Shadow a small prime bonus to increase her midgame dynamics and we have the same opinion about this matter.When the Cover is active, Shadow receives 25% Prime for any enemy soldier or monster dying nearby.

3. Shadow turns invisible after losing massive amount of health

Fox has the same ability, which is automatically activated when she receives more than 20% damage of her current health. It should allow Shadow to act more aggressively, knowing that she can always hide if the situation gets too risky.

And now let's sum up the results!

All in all, most of you asked us to provide more invisibility options for Shadow and her team allowing for higher maneuverability in ganks and “trolling” while being invisible. However, we are not going to increase this Hero's difficulty — Shadow should stay a moderately difficult hero with a unique killer/support role.

A BIG thank you to all of you who took a part in the discussion. None of your suggestions has gone unnoticed! We are going to add Top 2, Top 3 and Top 4 suggestions to the game in some of the upcoming updates. Follow the news!

Your Prime World Team