Everyone’s Invited to Praia Harvest Festival!

22 September 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Autumn is a time of harvest, it marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

This fall has started with a massive Update, which has brought not only new heroes and talents to the game, but also fixed a vulnerability, that could be exploited to trick the game servers. The Prime itself is filled with extraordinary power now!

Praia Harvest Festival! Heroes are getting two times more experience with each battle, while Libraries and Warehouses are filling up faster than ever! Scientists predict this action will last 7 days!



Weeklong Deal!

  • From 09:00 on September 22nd till 09:00 on September 29th (UTC), your heroes get increased rewards for each PvP-battle, gaining two times more Resources, Talents, and Experience.
  • All these bonuses stack with the Golden Age, meaning its owners get 4 times more resources and experience!

We wish you a good harvest!

Your Prime World Team