We rebalance the hero Shadow together!

18 September 2016

Friends of Praia!

We announce the second rebalance according to the wishes of our players! This time our united efforts will affect the charming heroine with a difficult destiny — Shadow / Whisp.

We see the experience we've had while rebalancing the hero Inventor as positive, even though some complications arose in the process - his positions have been strengthened. Now you are playing him by 2.5 times often and the percentage of wins with this hero grew still stable 50-54%. The inventor has returned to the midline and is quite successful in competing with Witch / Moira, Marksman / Hunter, Fay / Fairy Queen and Mage / Sorcerer.

This time we would like to change the format of gathering your opinions, in order to determine the trends among hundreds of opinions more transparent, we implement the rule of "five changes".



The rule of five changes:

  • Each member of our community is welcome to offer his own variants for the improvement of the hero, only the number of such amendments is limited by 5 (you can suggest less, but not more), therefore please choose only the most important things.
  • Any change must be specific and relate to only one of the mechanics. For example, "The hero himself must remain invisible, while making allies invisible" - fits under the rule and "Nival, corrects the invisibility" - not.

The rule does not mean that the final balance will consist of only five changes, it is only necessary for bringing the opinion of each player more clearly.

The voting will proceed in a special topic on our forum. The gathering of your opinions will last until September 21st. Then we will select the most popular opinions and if these turn out to be significantly "overpowered", - we will correct them and as a result estimate the renewed Shadow.

You have asked Nival to fix the Shadow? We are ready to make it together with you!

Your Prime World Team