Meet Tearaway!

15 September 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Our new heroine came out from Primezone with an umbrella, a ball and milkshakes. There is not a lot of time around since her appearance, but almost all of the heroes have already heard about her! And really, who doesn't see her tricks, get hitted if not with the bat on their head - then with the ball!

Tearaway can be hired in three different ways, just like the other heroes:

  1. Complete a seven-day quest chain and hire Tearaway for 750,000 silver. The first quest of the chain is already available, and the last one will appear on September 22. Once you complete the last, a quest will appear allowing you to hire Tearaway for silver.
  2. The normal way to recruit Tearaway (paying silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a castle level of 25 and up from September 29th onward.
  3. Tearaway can also be hired immediately for 299 gold.

With the release of this new hero, the price of Luna has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.

Tearaway's Talents

"Fast Attack"

After using the first ability, the first attack deals more damage to enemies and stuns them for some time.



If the heroine uses her first active ability she makes a rollover by moving into the given direction and damaging all heroes on her way. After some time, she can repeat the rollover.


The learned improvement allows the heroine to make one rollover more in the specified time.

"Dizzying Throw"

The second active ability of Tearaway is connected to the ballgame. Thrown by her the ball flies forward, damaging all the heroes on its way until it reaches the maximum range or an enemy hero.


If Tearaway is on the native terrain while throwing, her ball will do more damage. If she will pick the ball, the cooldown will be reduced. The learned improvement allows to slow down enemy heroes with the ball.


The third ability allows Tearaway to restore her health without distracting from the battle! She drinks her favorite milkshake, breaks away from all the negative effects, and restores some amount of her health during some time.


When used on native terrain, more health is restored. The learned improvement will allow to reduce all received damage for some time.

"Goodbye Kiss"

The ultimate ability of the heroine allows not only to cut their enemy heroes knock down, but also let hitted enemies flying some distance. Moreover the flying enemy damages everyone on his way. After landing he remains stunned for some time because it is quite difficult to regain senses after this blow.


The learned improvement allows her to knock an enemy completely. If you use this ability repeatedly after some time, the heroine will move to the stunned hero and giving him a fatal punch.

Meet Tearaway on the battlefields of Praia!

Your Prime World Team