First details about the Tearaway!

15 September 2016

Friends of Praia!

This morning, thanks to very strong winds which blow-over the fog. It is the new heroine some eyewitnesses managed to fully realize what has already been done to make the whole Praia upside. Now it is already subject to no doubt that her weapon is a ... Umbrella!

The first weapon of Hero following players guess and get it on the day of its publication in the Game:

  • Apurwa Masook

In addition, get 10 red crystals:

  • Hisoka Illosion
  • Maciej Kaczorowski
  • Kevin Moreau

Congrats! To get the prices, please send your ingame name in form of a private message to our page at Facebook.

We can give you more reports, according to the words of our witnesses has been able to learn more about the specific features of Tearaway. The heroine can not only make air rolls and attack with her umbrella. One of her favorite games is ... to play ball! Yes, exactly this game from childhood. But who knows exactly what will be their ball on the battlefields?

In addition still in the hands of such a troubled heroine, whose name in the word "gank" hides!

Do not miss the appearance of Tearaway!

Your Prime World Team