What is there hiding in the fog which has covered Praia?

30 August 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Much can be attributed to the fog. "Because of a dense fog you couldn't see as good as needed", or otherwise, - "When you see a figure In a dense fog, you might think that it is a man, but in reality - it will be a tree".

Only one thing can`t be explained through the fog - where does this madcap appeared from?

For three days, the employees always strive to stay together in groups and never stay alone. Because namely three days ago, they have met this ... miracle for the first time. The girl appears from nowhere and disappears without leaving a trace, masterfully avoiding areas of heroes shunning.

Of course you can’t call her jokes bad or painful, but because of suddenness the cook has smashed some eggs and the steward lose his voice. What is not good at all!

A competition!

Friends of Praia! We suggest you to guess what kind of a magic item our hero will use as her weapon?

Who will be the first to guess it, will get the new hero on the day of its release in the game for free! Three other participants, who will be closer to the correct answer, will get 10 legendary crystals!

Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Your Prime World Team