First look into the upcoming update!

25 August 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Our next update 10.11 is coming soon and traditionally we would like to inform you about the latest news.

First, we keep the pace to release a new hero every three months. Luna has come to Praia in the middle of July. This doesn't give a hundred percent confirmation, but hints that the next update will please us with a new hero!

Second, rebalancing of some legendary and exclusive talents will be an important part of the upcoming update 10.11. Now we can say for sure, that some of them are more effective than others and therefore used more frequently. Let us have a look at some of them one by one.

Talent rebalancing

Battle Ecstasy

“Battle Ecstasy” was originally intended as an improved substitute for the unique "Flowing Fury". It should speed up the farm on the lane, as well as in the forest. The improvements make it effective not only for killing soldiers and monsters, but also for the team-based PvP. "Drunk with Blood" from the fifth tier is the key improvement here. It was developed with a view to long clashes between strong tanky heroes. But in fact, all fast heroes are equipped with it, so that heroes which have smaller defensive stats, are rather in an unfavorable condition. One more important feature is a wide action range which is similar to the auto-attack range of a long range heroes after learning the improvement. It is very difficult to attack the target with “Battle Ecstasy” while staying away from his reach.

The frequency of damage units, as well as the range will be reduced.


The main talent of the set is not as strong from the point view of the game mechanics, like the most players think. A solid growth in the attack does not seem to be so strong in comparison with the benefits of characteristics of other talents from the same tier. The greater attention in this set deserves mainly the improvement from the fifth tier and namely - "Suppressive Touch". The talent has an interesting effect that decreases defensive stats ​​of the target - it proves to be effective for the auto attackers, as well as for casters, which gain less benefit from the penetration. That can not be regarded as a positive trend mainly because the focus on penetration should be more as a peculiarity of those heroes who were intended for the attack.

Only the highest of defensive stat will be reduced.

Fiery Guard

This talent should serve primarily as a protection against ganks. However, the practice has clearly shown that only the ability to protect themselves against the ganks too little (otherwise you would have this Talent active use). Therefore we want this talent still assign an important role and that the exploration of the area, its protective function is retained even. We have selected the following principle: The ball is kicked out of the hands of the hero in the specified point and do not appear right there. The scope of application is extended and unlimited with the improvement.

Here the mechanics Wirden changed, and increases effectiveness.



Change the mechanics of the set "Art of the Witch" has reanimated really a lot of talent on this set. Some have even become a must for all heroes. Primarily it comes to the talent "Continuum". Effect of the reduction of resurrection to 50% proved to be too strong for only one talent. Therefore, we reduced some of the effectiveness, the other about supported on one of the improvements of the sentence. Moreover, its activation is altered - "Continuum" will occur automatically when a hero's death in action, which will make the use of two consecutive times impossible.

The time of the resurrection will be reduced, and the type of activation changes.

We have four important (but not only four!) Rebalance of talents, which mentions await us in the next update. Please leave your opinions in the comments - it is very important for us to know what you think about the change of general talent, because the same as the class skills of heroes this affects the balance in the game.

Stay tuned, in the next announcement we will announce the first informations about our next hero.

Your Prime World Team