Guide contest: The young guard!

23 August 2016

Lords and Ladies!

They appear every three months. They always take center stage. They are new heroes. Now it's been a while, so our experienced warriors have studied the new heroes thoroughly so that it is exactly the right time to share your experience with the whole Praia!

We announce the Guide contest for three of our newest heroes: Mimi, S. Putnik and Luna!

General rules of the contest

  1. A guide should be about one of our last three heroes: Mimi, S. Putnik or Luna.
  2. Only new texts may participate in the competition. It is forbidden to use works that have already been published anywhere.
  3. Post your guides in the form of a new topic in the special sub-forum: “Guides for the new heroes”, in the section "Contests". The name of the Guide should be as follows: “The name of the hero"/"The name of the guide”.
  4. Each author may submit an unlimited number of works. However all of them can land in the section Suggested Guides on our forum, if the works will be of a high quality.
  5. There are no restrictions on the number of characters.

In addition, we recommend you to read the competition guidelines, this will help making your Guides understandable and more enjoyable for the reader.


Your wisdom should be rewarded accordingly! Our project will impartially choose 3 best guides, each for a hero, whose authors will receive not one. but several prizes!

First, up to 500 Prime crystals for being added to the section Suggested Guides on our forum, depending on the quality of the guides.

Second, 10 legendary talents of your choice!

Third, last but not least, the exclusive flag “Guidemaster”.


Thus, the maximum reward is 500 Prime crystals, 10 legendary of your choice talents and the exclusive flag “Guidemaster”.

Share your wisdom!

Your Prime World Team