More rebalances together?

22 August 2016

Lords and Ladies!

As you definitely can remember, some time ago we have brought to life the rebalancing of the hero Inventor by joining our forces together. Today we would like to talk about the results of this experiment and ask your opinion about whether such events should be made in the future or not.

The whole process can hardly be described as easy, as well as for our players, and for us this was a real experiment. We did not know what we will have as a result but at the very beginning, we focused on the main idea: to listen you carefully, our dear ​​users.

You have generated a lot of ideas and our Game Designers made themselves familiar with all of them. Unfortunately, it was impossible to take into account the wishes of each individual player, because there were a lot, you all have unique ideas which of course differ from each other. It would be dishonorable to all others, if we were considering every single opinion. Therefore, we have selected the most popular trends for our experiment, so that we have got something all-encompassing, in effect, which indeed contained a part of the desires of each particular player.

Originally we wanted to use the formula "bringing to life the most popular opinions", but the first variant of the rebalancing, which was created by this scheme proved to be overpowered, what you have been told us many times. Therefore, we have offered an additional variant, which brought the potential of Inventor in balance with other heroes. In order the experiment remained hones - namely as the joint experiment - we did not imposed this variant to you, but established a voting, so that namely the variant which would satisfy the majority of our players was added to the game.

We were a bit nervous so while we changed the genius Inventor, his ability "Construction" in its final version has been a little bit affected. On this point we would like to thank you once again for your understanding and patience! Bud this did not startled you from playing for the Inventor - his popularity began to grow immediately after the rebalancing. While with the Patch 10.10.1 our hero was finally fixed.

Now we can confirm that by trial, selection of the most popular trends and additional votings, we have succeeded in finding the golden mean together. The Inventor went back on the battlefields, resembled his statistics and won`t lose his positions. We are very happy to see that you really like playing for this hero, because we like him with all our heart too!

Now we would like to ask you if you have enjoyed our joint experiment and whether we should repeat it in the future or not? Are you ready to accept not only your own opinion, but also of the other community members, as well as of the developer? Or is such a common process of rebalance, where the opinion of the majority is important and choosing a general line can have multiple levels while finding the common line, and it takes too long and is not worth the lost Forces?

You can express your opinion on our forum. There are only two variants of the answer - yes and no. We have already set our positive response to the first variant, but now it is your turn to make a decision.

Your Prime World Team