Warning to the cheater

22 August 2016

Werte Spieler!

Dear ​​players! Originally, this message should begin with the words "Lords and Ladies!", but unfortunately, not all of our users are this salutation worthy. Especially because this message was written not only for those players who play brave and honest on the battlefields of Prime World but also for those, who use maphacks and cause untimely game client crash for all the combatants.

Due to the in the last time increased cases of using maphacks we are forced to take more stringent measures regarding cheaters, so that from now on all players who will be catched applying Maphacks will receive a permanent account ban. This primarily affects players, who cause untimely client crash for all combat participants. With this message we would like to note all of the violators, that from now on we will "shoot sharp", without making any warning shots.

As for our noble users, we would like to invite you to participate in the fight against cheaters. Please do not forget the report system and use this to send us complaints about those who are playing unfair right during the battle. While doing this please put in the comment box "maphack" as the cause, so that we could give these reports the highest priority. We also want to make all aware that false accuses can also cause bad consequences for their authors. If you will spam with inequitable accusation and persuade other players, you can be punished for defamation and obstruction of justice.

Finally, it should be mentioned that works which are aimed at elimination of this vulnerability, are carried out by us in full swing. Very soon it will be impossible to use maphacks. But until this time, the order and compliance with the game rules depend on all of us. We are watching the situation very closely and call all of our users to play fair!

Your Prime World Team