Action in the Talentforge / Talent Garden

05 August 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The message about competitions that will begin in Praia very soon can be heard on every corner. Heroes will bring to their castles a lot of different rewards and even the "Medal of a Champion"!

But, as the athletes prepare to the competitions, so our heroes should get new forces too. There is something more valuable and reliable for the heroes — their talents!

More and better!

Forges who rejoice for heroes with their souls, have found an artifact. Thanks to this artifact it is possible to generate not 2 but 4 talents from one Prime crystal, thereby the chance of producing exclusive talents increases by 2 times!



From 9:00 (UTC) on August 5th till 9:00 on August 8ht:

  • x2 talents for 1 Prime crystal
  • x2 Chance exklusive Talente zu erzeugen

Strike the iron while it is hot!

Your Prime World Team