05 August 2016

Lords und Ladies!

Summer is a special time for holidays and recreation, as well as interesting competitions! On the night from August 5th till 6th, the opening of the most interesting and spectacular events of this summer will take place and namely of Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Today, on August 5th at 15:00 (UTC) a new, special quest chain will appear in your castles. Lords and Ladies who will complete it, will receive a truly olympic prize - a rare collective talent - the "Medal of a Champion"! It is very difficult to find this talent in Praia. It appears very rarely and it is only possible to get it during a certain period. Don’t miss the chance to enrich your collection of unique talents!

Complete quests from August 5th till 12th and win valuable prizes, as well as a unique talent, the "Medal of a Champion"!

How to get the medal?






Discipline "Wrestling"

Deal 30000 damage

35 000 silver

  Discipline "Athletics"

Gather 50 000 Prime

15 Prime crystals

  Discipline "Golf" Raise 12 flags 10 unique talents effective for upgrade
  Discipline "Modern Pentathlon" Kill the Fire Drake or Kitton 5 times 5 talents from the Set "The Awakening"
  Discipline "Heavy athletics" Destroy 5 towers 7 legendary crystals
  Discipline "Fencing" Derive 3 wins in Borderlands The talent "Medal of a Champion»

Onwards to new victories!

Your Prime World Team